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Loofah….seeds….? yeah that’s right!! the lovely little sponge-type material we all know and love is actually grown on a plant! the little slices of loofah inside bars of soap and often used as shower sponges can be grown in your very own backyard and a little goes a very long way with this amazing vining plant. one single plant can easily give you 10 plus fruits AND loofah is actually edible in the young stages of fruiting so you have multiple uses in your garden for these babies not to mention how much butterflies love these blooms. This is for an order of seeds only.

Loofah seeds, Loofah gourd, Luffa seeds

  • *** Replacements: If plants arrive dead you can send me a message with a photo within 24-48 hours from when you have received your shipment and we will replace. CLAIM MUST BE PERSUED NO MORE THAN 48 HOURS AFTER USPS CONFIRMS DELIVERY. If plants are overwatered/dried, left in the sun, damaged by cold weather, no replacements will be given. If plants/package is damaged during shipping, file a claim with USPS. We are not responsible for damages caused by shipping/handling ***

  • Please keep in mind that processing time is 1-3 days weather permitting. once your product has been packaged and shipped you will be notified. please keep in mind the weather in your area when ordering as majority of our items are cold sensitive.

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