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The Lion's Tale Agave, also known as Agave Attenuata or Foxtail Agave, is a stunning addition to any garden. This succulent boasts a rosette of green-grey leaves with a soft texture and no spines, making it a safe choice for families with children and pets. As it matures, the Lion's Tale Agave produces a tall stalk with yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. The stalks and flowers are edible, they can be added to salads, raw or roasted. (So long as the plant is not treated with pesticides.) This drought-tolerant plant requires minimal maintenance and thrives in full sun to partial shade. Shipped bareroot with no pot. Bring the beauty of the Lion's Tale Agave to your garden today.

Lion's Tale Agave

  • *** Replacements: If plants arrive dead you can send me a message with a photo within 24-48 hours from when you have received your shipment and we will replace. CLAIM MUST BE PERSUED NO MORE THAN 48 HOURS AFTER USPS CONFIRMS DELIVERY. If plants are overwatered/dried, left in the sun, damaged by cold weather, no replacements will be given. If plants/package is damaged during shipping, file a claim with USPS. We are not responsible for damages caused by shipping/handling ***

  • Please keep in mind that processing time is 1-3 days weather permitting. once your product has been packaged and shipped you will be notified. please keep in mind the weather in your area when ordering as majority of our items are cold sensitive.

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